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Ecological sustainability 

Climatic change is affecting a vast range of human activities, including the cultivation of vines. Although wine may be considered one of the most natural alcoholic beverages, during the wine production, emissions of carbon dioxide are released. This awareness of the impact on the environment was one of the first issues which led us to choose organic and ecological methods. Eco-sustainable means everything that is sustainable from an ecological point of view, that is, everything which can be renewed almost indefinitely and which does not damage the environment in any way. Our philosophy leads us to make certain decisions, so that the consumption of resources means that the next generation will receive the same quantity of resources that we received from the preceding generation.

For this reason, the Bisio Devis company uses:

  • dark glass of which 50% is recycled
  • cartons containing 50% recycled cardboard
  • aluminium capsules which are completely recyclable
  • natural corks which are collected after use by specialized firms which grinds them into a recycled pulp; his is then made into cork panels for thermal insulation, to be usd in the construction industry
  • depending on the requirements of the winery, we try to use the central refrigerating unit as much as possible during the night, in order to reduce the use of electricity.

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