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The Territory 

The history of Montalto Pavese, known in ancient times as “Mons Altus”, is bound up with the history of its imposing Castle of Balduino, which is still inhabited to this day. The building, which dominates the centre of Montalto, is considered  to be one of the most significant and beautiful of all the castles in Lombardy, for its grandeur, its architectonic proportions and its fine state of conservation.

The teritory of the village of Montalto Pavese is situated on the hills of the Oltrepò Montano, overlooking the vast plain of the river Po, in the valley of the river Ghiaia.

The landscape is charcterized by hills completely covered with vineyards, and by woods on the higher ground. The nearby villages are surrounded by their own agricultural land, where the vine predominates.

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